Why are we the best

PACCS through its clinical practice has invented several innovations to enhance patient safety. Over a period of time, it expanded its role into OT / ICU designing, optimal infrastructure planning and helped several hospitals establish successfully in the city of Hyderabad and other states.

  • 1)Dashboard – Dynamic clinical audit tool in Anesthetic Practice. This is the first of its kind in the world.
  • 2)Glass spine model – first of its kind in Asia.
  • 3)Obstetric Critical Care Courses – exclusively designed by PACCS.
  • 4)Comprehensive labor anesthesia services – largest obstetrical epidural series for painless deliveries in the subcontinent.
  • 5)First to start an Obstetric Anesthesia Fellowship course in India.
  • 6)First to conduct Live Neuraxial ultrasound workshop in India.
  • 1)DASHBOARD – a dynamic tool for clinical audit in Anesthetic practice.
  • 2)Nursing dashboard- post operative ward.
  • 3)Nursing dashboard for ICU.
  • 4)Calibrated lithotomy drape.
  • 5)Soft pelvic support in extended duration perineal surgeries in lithotomy position.
  • 6)Epidural drape.
  • 7)Continuous saline flushing technique to attenuate epidural bleeding.
  • 8)Modified intubation ramp – an aid in difficult intubation.
  • 9)NABES – O.T. concept and design by PACCS for joint replacement and Transplant surgeries.

The PACCS members are skilled and certified in the following:

  • 1)Cardiac Anesthesia and Post Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care
  • 2)ECMO – Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation
  • 3)TEE and TTE – Transesophageal and Transthoracic Echocardiography
  • 4)Neuro Anesthesia and Neuro Surgical Intensive Care
  • 5)Organ Transplant Anesthesia and Post Transplant Critical Care
  • 6)Anesthesia for High Risk Obstetrics and Obstetric Critical Care
  • 7)Acute and Chronic Pain Management
  • 8)ACLS – Advanced Cardiac Life Support – Instructors and Providers
  • 9)ATLS – Acute Trauma Life Support – Instructors and Providers
  • 10)CTLS – Comprehensive Trauma Life Support – Instructors and Providers
  • 11)ALSO – Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics – Instructors and Providers
  • 12)Ultrasound in Emergency and Critical Care – WINFOCUS
  • 13)FCCS – Fundamental Critical Care Support – Instructors and Providers
  • 14)Ultrasound in Emergency and Critical Care – WINFOCUS
  • 15)Ultrasound in Regional Anesthesia
  • 16)Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic surgeries
  • 17)Urological Surgeries – including Laparoscopic Kidney Transplants
  • 18)Conscious Sedation in Endoscopy Suites
  • 19)Critical Care Consultancy