Health Analytics & Research

The Health Analytics & Research division of PACCS aims to create and provide a platform for Health care organization to take an optimum decision in all aspects ( clinical and non clinical) of health care delivery system.

Business Strategy:

PACCS designs an effective strategy for its partner healthcare organization to achieve theirvision of quality patient care at a reasonable cost and achieve efficient revenue mix. We develop strategic objectives for each of the specialty services considering changes in the external landscape, national drivers for change, as well as transformation plans suiting the local and regional, cultural, social, demographic and health requirements.

We assist healthcare organization –

PACCS enables health care organisation in achieving clinical excellance through our decision support system.

  • To identify the potential core, supportive and stand alone clinical service departments which are clinically and financially sustainable.
  • To set out a programme of work that will ensure for developing portfolio of each clinical service department
  • To provide high level strategic option (invest/divest/re-design/partner) for each of the identified potential clinical services by designing efficient financial and operational viability model.
  • To provide strategic transition plan for growth

Hospital Planning and Designing:

PACCS principle for planning and designing of hospital building stands on Structure-Function-Outcome cycle. Our plan and design of services cover all areas/departments of our partner healthcare organizations These include: OPD, Emergency Department, IPD, Operation Theater, ICUs (Specialty), Laboratory, Imaging, specific specialty clinical service dept. viz. BMT, Endoscopy suits, Cath Lab, Dialysis, Blood bank etc., and other support departments like, pharmacy, Medical record, CSSD, Laundry, Housekeeping, Bio- medical Engineering, Maintenance Engineering, Medical Gas plant, HRD etc.

We assist our healthcare organization partner to meticulously execute national and international guidelines and standards (NABH, JCI) while planning and designing of each department.

Our services include:

  • Specific grouping and zoning of departments/specialties
  • Specifying expected workload, functions and content of departments
  • Planning beds and bed mix, workflow and traffic flow
  • Designing functional relationship within department and also in between departments
  • Hospital equipment planning; listing of types of medical equipment and quantities
  • Partnership for outsourced onsite equipment breakdown maintenance
  • HR planning for each department

Hospital Business Process Set-Up:

A ‘health care delivery system’ is a series of interlinked processes, each of which results in one or more outputs. The health care industry has been exposed to increasing external cost pressures and spending too much of its energy on internal disagreements among all stakeholders which broaden the gap between a healthcare organization’s commitment to its customer and ultimate business out come.

PACCS Health analytics’ hospital business process set-up solution can directly address the major needs of the business and allow the health care delivery system to effectively address a very difficult environment by reducing quality waste & low productivity.

We assist healthcare organization to achieve operational excellence through:

  • Process Mapping
  • Department wise Process setup
  • Business process Re-engineering
  • Developing & Monitoring key hospital performance metrics & provide strategic in-puts
  • Benchmarking hospital performance against similar facilities

Clinical Support Decision Systems:

The healthcare clinical decision making and delivery process is extremely complex as it depends on multiple metrics such as vital signs and symptoms, diagnostic results, co-morbidities, weighing in risks and benefits of procedures, anticipating and tackling post diagnostic/procedural complications and above all achieving desired clinical outcomes. Therefore it is vitally important to have a robust system that concurrently monitors the healthcare process, detect errors and corrects them before damage occurs.

We provide healthcare organizations a solution by utilizing all the possible information available to support clinical decision making in a way that minimize harm and maximize benefits in diagnosis, investigation and management of individual patient.

We assist healthcare organization to achieve clinical excellence through our clinical decision support system that emphasizes on:

  • Developing Clinical protocols & Clinical care pathways
  • Clinical Audits
  • Clinical Care Optimization

Hospital Quality Management System:

PACCS Health analytics’ hospital quality management system provides a framework to help hospitals organize, establish, communicate and monitor quality systems on path to accreditations.

Our continual quality improvement approach and expertise assist healthcare organizations to achieve their goal in establishing quality management systems.

We Help:

  • Developing Quality Control documents, SOPs (Clinical and Non-clinical Department Manuals) & hospital patient records
  • Identify & track key patient safety & care quality metrics
  • With strategic inputs to set up quality management system in the organization
  • In quality Audits & Support for accreditation (NABH, JCI)