PACCS conducts various Anesthesia Services

Prerna Anesthesia and Critical Care Services (PACCS) is a pioneer in team practice in India. It has earned a formidable reputation for quality service in the field of Anesthesia and Critical Care in Hyderabad. It has entered into collaborative partnerships with many healthcare organizations in Hyderabad. The group caters to both secondary level and tertiary level care centers. The two decade old company is working in sub specialty units of Obstetrics, Gastrointestinal and Urology besides multi-specialty hospitals catering to organ transplants, cardiac, neurosurgical, Trauma etc.

Fernandez Hospital, Hyderguda

Fernandez hospital has carved a niche in the field of obstetrics. The gold standard set has resulted in unprecedented clients (patients) attending the hospital. The new hospital (started in December 2010), at Hyderaguda has been visualised as a centre focusing on high risk obstetric & Neonatal care. It is 120 bed high risk obstetrics centre with high clinical standards set by the effort of obstetricians and PACCS. PACCS is involved in the teaching & academics of the hospital besides the regular clinical work.

  • Operation theaters – 7
  • ICU Beds – 12

Anesthesia Lead

Dr. Y. Shanti

Fernandez Hospital, Hyderguda

Fernandez Hospital, Bogulkunta

In June, 1948, started a hospital with two beds. This hospital, now a 130-bed, modern institution, offering the latest and the best possible expertise, technology and equipment, was inaugurated on 25thAugust, 1996. Currently, about 400 obstetric procedures are being done with anesthesia services every month. PACCS has been providing labour analgesia services since time of inception of the labour suite.

Anesthesia Lead

Dr. K. Sailaja

Fernandez hospital, Bogulkunta

Guru Nanak Care hospital, Musheerabad

Established in May 2007, it is a 120 bed multi specialty hospital and one of the CARE group of hospitals. Located in Musheerabad provides multi-specialty services at a reasonable cost. Round the clock trauma and emergency, laboratory, radiology services are in practice. Anesthesia services are provided in operation theaters and intensive care units and all other critical areas in the hospital. Anesthesia for cardiothoracic surgeries is provided by PACCS. Medical, surgical and Cardiac intensive care units are covered round the clock by multi specialty team.

All ICU’s are equipped with adequate needed equipment. Protocols, hospital policies are implemented and revised periodically. Regular academics and training is provided by our team for the nurses, doctors and paramedics. Basic Life Support (BLS) Training is provided by PACCS for Nurses and Paramedics regularly.

    • Operation theaters – 3
    • ICU Beds – 40

Anesthesia Lead

Dr. S. Ramakrishna

Guru Nanak Care hospital, Musheerabad

Asian Institute of Gastroenterology

PACCS (Prerna Anesthesia and Critical Care Services) also provides services at ASIAN INSTITUTE OF GASTROENTEROLOGY Hyderabad. This 300 bed hospital was established in March 2004 after holding an Endoscopy workshop in February 2004. It is tertiary care provider and best institute in the field of ERCP and ENDOSONOGRAPHY in India and in South East Asia. PACCS focuses on Surgical Department and Intensive Care Units.

The following are examples of the surgeries routinely performed in this institute.

Laparoscopic surgeries: cholecystectomy, pancreatic, bile duct surgeries, small intestine and large intestine surgeries etc.

Esophageal: cancer, corrosive injuries, esophageal fistula, achalasia cardia etc.

Stomach: cancer, ulcers, corrosive, diaphragmatic hernias etc.

Liver Transplant

Intestine: tumors, strictures, crohn’s obstructions, Meckels diverticulum, pouch procedures for ulcerative colitis, sphincter saving surgeries of rectum, anal fistulae and incontinence, hemorrhoids, colonic pull ups etc. liver and biliary tract surgeries, portal hypertension surgeries, surgeries in chronic and acute pancreatitis, abdominal and incisional hernias etc.

    • Operation theaters – 4
    • ICU Beds – 30

Asian Institute of Nephrology and Urology

  • Operation theaters – 3
  • ICU Beds – 24
  • Workshops – 24
  • 100 bed hospital with 12 bed SICU and 12 Bed Acute Kidney care unit
  • Level IV ICU care
  • All Urology procedures including renal transplant

Anesthesia Lead

Dr. L. Nityanand

Asian Institute of Nephrology and Urology

Century Hospital

  • 225 Bed, 75 ICU beds and 18 Triage Beds, 6 Day care Beds true multi specialty hospital started in Jan 2015
  • Blood bank, state of the art with Components, NAT and Irradiation facilities
  • Operation theaters – 6
  • Bone Marrow, Skin, Kidney and heart transplants surgeries

Anesthesia Lead

Dr. Sunil T. Pandya

Dr. Kiran Kumar M

Century Hospital


Established in 2016, Citi Neuro Centre is an epitome of clinical excellence, strives to provide patients with the best in class neurological treatment possible. Equipped with exclusive 12-bed state-of-the-art Neurointensive Care Unit (NICU) as well as diagnostic facilities such as CT scan, MRI, EEG and ENMG, at CNC, team of clinicians collaborate to provide specialized care and treatment to patients suffering from a spectrum of neurological diseases and disorders such as: Stroke, traumatic brain injury, Brain aneurysm, Paediatric and adult epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, peripheral neuropathy, myasthenia gravis, muscular dystrophy and myopathy, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy, Dystonia and spasticity, Brain tumors, intracranial hemorrhage, Hydrocephalus brain and spine injuries, Skull base surgery, Spinal dislocation, Disc prolapsed or herniation surgery, Degenerative spine surgery including instrumentation, disc replacement, key hole surgery and peripheral nerve surgeries.

City Neuro Hospital


The top maternity hospital in Hyderabad, Fernandez Hospital has an annual delivery rate of 8500. Backed by 67 years’ experience, the maternity services team at Stork Home comprises the best maternity doctors and is committed to providing safe, high quality care to women and the newborn.

Stork Home provides 24 x 7 comprehensive coverage by excellent team that includes obstetricians, physicians, anaesthetists, neonatologists and mid-wives. The team provides comprehensive natural birth, maternal critical care and painless deliveries round the clock.

A protocol-led team, committed to safety, forms the unique selling point of Stork Home and make this unit as one of the best maternity services hospitals in Hyderabad.

Stork Home