With a background of understanding of medicine PACCS assimilated unto itself in the last two decades , it has strength to create value of health to all stake holders – promoters, investors, medical and paramedical service professionals / providers, managers and above all ‘consumers of health care’.

PACCS gazes through cultural main stream, social and demographic profiles, economic conditions and technological consideration to ease access and affordability.

We invest in safe anesthetic and critical care practice:

  • Training
  • Skill development
  • Infrastructure for safety of patients
  • Enhancing the value of anesthesia
  • Innovative solutions and ideas of partners
  • Career enhancement proposals of partners

We plan:

  • To generate spaces to meet policies
  • To ensure predictable and structured functioning
  • To measure qualitative requirements on the medical standards
  • Financial modeling for viable metrics
  • Infrastructure inputs for cost effective CAPEX
  • Mapping of clinical attributes for service deliverables among professional for objective measurable outcomes

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