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Welcome to PACCS (Prerna Anesthesia & Critical Care Services)

PACCS (Prerna Anesthesia & Critical Care Services) provides high quality Anesthesia and Critical Care Services with “PATIENT SAFETY” as their fundamental motto! PACCS also facilitates knowledge enhancement and skill development through various channels.

PACCS (Prerna Anesthesia and Critical Care Services) is the trailblazers in team practice of Anesthesiology, Pain medicine, Perioperative medicine and Critical Care. In addition, PACCS has also expanded its diaspora into providing Healthcare consultancy through its Health analytics and Research wing. PACCS is in the business of these services since 1997.

PACCS (Prerna Anesthesia & Critical Care Services) is a pioneer in group practice in the field of Anesthesiology, Pain medicine, Perioperative medicine and Critical Care Services in Hyderabad. Dr. A. Rampapa Rao, Dr. Sunil Pandya and colleagues founded the group in 1997, which is now a leading authority in providing high standards of Anesthesia, Pain management, perioperative & Critical Care Services. With two decades of teamwork, PACCS has expanded into a large group of anesthesiologists, critical care specialists in Hyderabad.

What we do

PACCS offers total anesthetic and critical care solutions across all specialties. In addition, it has taken a lead role in educational activity through various channels. Focused clinical and academic goals lead to the development of various accredited training programmes under their banner.

It has earned a formidable reputation for quality service in the field of Anesthesia and Critical Care in Hyderabad. It has entered into collaborative partnerships with many healthcare organizations in Hyderabad. The group caters to both secondary level and tertiary level care centers. The two decade old company is working in sub specialty units of Obstetrics, Gastrointestinal, Urology besides multi specialty hospitals catering to organ transplants, cardiac, neurosurgical, Trauma cases etc.

Why are we the best

Why are we the best

The group encourages its members to think out of the box for innovative services and has consistently encouraged research activities. The emphasis on protocols across all hospitals covered by the group ensures high standard of quality service to its clients.


  • Best paper Awarded in ISACON 2010 (Indian Society of Anesthesiology) Lucknow India
  • Second best paper in SOAP (Society for Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology) meeting at Puerto Rico 2013
  • Best paper award in AOA (Association of Obstetric Anesthesiology) Mangalore 2013
  • Second best paper in Obstetric Medicine Conference Hyderabad 2014