8TH NATIONAL CONFERENCE-AOA 11th, 12th & 13th September, 2015 HYDERABAD, INDIA
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Welcome to Prerna
    Prerna Anaesthesia & Critical Care Services ( PACCS ) provides high quality anaesthesia and critical care services with safety of patient as fundamental motto. PACCS also shares knowledge with medical fraternity by conducting workshops, CME and anaesthesia postgraduate training programs.

Who we are

Prerna who we are

Prerna Anaesthesia and Critical Care Services (PACCS) is a pioneer in group practice in the field of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care Services in Hyderabad. The group was founded in 1997  by  Dr.A Rampapa Rao, Dr Sunil T.Pandya and colleagues which is now a leading authority in providing high standards of perioperative & Critical Care Services. More than a decade of team work PACCS has expanded into a large group of anaesthethists in Hyderabad.

What we do
Prerna who we are

PACCS offers not only professional Anaesthesiology and Critical services across specialties but also an active educational activity which has helped many an Anaesthesiology resident pass out in flying colors.

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Why are we the best?
Prerna who we are

The group encourages its members to think out of the box for innovative services and has consistently encouraged research activities. The emphasis on protocols across all hospitals covered by the group ensures high standard of quality service to its clients.


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